Gerling Holz + Co

About Gerling Holz + Co

Gerling Holz + Co, also known as GHC, was founded in 1904.
With a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, today, the company is now a leading supplier of an extraordinary range of speciality gases, refrigerants, fuels and oxidants for Satellite propulsion or control, and associated gas handling equipment. Gerling Holz + Co is an innovative company with an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.

Gerling Holz + Co Product Applications

With such a diverse range of speciality gases available, Gerling Holz + Co chemical gases, fuels and oxidants are used regularly in a variety of applications from domestic and industrial through to the medical sector.

Gerling Holz refrigerants in particular are found in every household within fridges and freezers and many of the specialist gases are vital components in manufacturing mundane objects such as credit cards, smartphones and computers. Specialist gases such as Ethylene Oxide are also used regularly by the medical profession to sterilise equipment and several other gases are used to manufacture drugs.

Below is a breakdown of the Gerling Holz + Co speciality gases which CRR Ltd currently supply: