Suppliers of Isobutylene and More

CRR Ltd was formed in 1997 to serve the specialist gases and chemicals industry. Our knowledge and experience of supplying chemical gases such as isobutylene, hydrogen chloride, and ethylene oxide, as well as specialist calibration gases and associated equipment goes back over 30 years and today, we are renowned for delivering high quality products to a wide range of customers nationwide. Isobutylene is possibly the gas we supply most commonly due to its wide range of applications, but we do provide an extensive range of more unusual gases. 

Since the start, CRR has represented Gerling Holz in the UK and Ireland, supplying chemical gases in chemical, pharma production, material processing and power generation applications. At all times, great emphasis has been put on reliability of supply and delivering a superb level of customer service.

In addition to this, CRR Ltd has also supported many other companies in the specialist gases sector and in recent years, we have become the UK sales agent for Hornung Gmbh, a manufacturer of precision gas control equipment.

Working in Partnership with You to Supply Isobutylene and Other Gases

CRR Ltd is always looking for new opportunities to assist other international companies in developing sales of their products in the UK and Ireland markets, providing their are no conflicts of interest with CRR's current partners. To find out more, please contact us today.