Cylinder station

2x1 cylinder (bundle) single stage with automatic changeover – for high flow

The HP 256 is a single stage panel for central gas supply with automatic changeover.

It serves the safe supply of high purity and mixed gases from 2 single cylinders or cylinder bundles.

The changeover operates as soon as the pressure in the first side sinks below a predetermined level. This process is controlled by two installed regulators which are connected by their outlets.

The station is mounted on a stainless steel console and in standard version it consists of two pressure regulators and the in- and outlet gauges.

Special characteristics:
The HP 256 is a high flow changeover station for cylinders or bundles.

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Body: stainless steel 1.4404 electropolished or brass nickel and matt chrome plated
Diaphragm: 1.4435
Leakage Rate: 10-8 mbar l/s He against atmosphere
Gas purity: < 6.0
Max. inlet pressure: 300 bar
Outlet pressure ranges: 10 - 12 bar
45 - 55 bar
Cv: 1.05
Operating temp.: -20°C to +70°C
Gauges: inlet gauge
outlet gauge
Dimensions (wxhxd): 174 x 125 x 158 mm
Weight: 3800 g
Connections: NPT 3/8” f - NPT 1/2” f

Especially for gases with high requirements on purity up to 6.0, safety and density for which an uninterrupted supply overnight and weekends must be guaranteed.

The supply concept can be optimised by options such as contact gauges and gas alarm boxes (see segment 7).

Through our special cleaning system our pressure regulators are suitable for ECD – applications.

To identify the correct order code for your HP256

Start with "HP256-", then add the appropriate number options from columns A, B, C & D  in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

HP256-2-1-1-1-Argon specifies a HP256 model in brass with 200 bar inlet pressure, 1 - 12 bar outlet pressure & standard gauges, for use with Argon gas.

Material Inlet pressure (p1) Outlet pressure (p2) Gauges
1 = stainless steel 1 = 200 bar 1 = 10 - 12 bar 1 = standard gauge
2 = brass 2 = 300 bar 2 = 45 - 55 bar 2 = contact gauge ex