Point of Use Regulator

Wall mounting version

The regulator is mounted on a wall console for reducing line pressure to working pressure at a second stage.

In case of maintenance, the regulator can be separated from the shut-off valve to avoid a complete shutdown of the pipeline.

As a standard configuration the point of use regulator will be supplied with shut-off valve, a gauge for working pressure and a precision pressure regulator FR1.

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Body: aluminium-brass or stainless steel
Seat: (Valve seat) stainless steel
Diaphragm: viton/ NBR or stainless steel
Max. inlet pressure: 12 bar
Outlet pressure ranges: 50 mbar to 7 bar
Operating temp.: -20°C to +70°C
Connections: inlet: G 1/4" f outlet: NPT 1/8" f

The point of use regulator HP 404 with the precision pressure regulator FR1 is used particularly in the following areas:

  • Gas analysis
  • Gas chromatography
  • Process engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Laboratory applications

To identify the correct order code for your HP404

Start with the model number, then add the appropriate number options from columns A, B & C in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

HP404-1-3-0-Argon specifies a HP404 model in aluminium-brass with 500 mbar outlet pressure & NPT 1/8" female part outlet, for use with Argon gas.

Material Outlet Pressure Ranges Outlet Options
1 = aluminium-brass 1 = 170 mbar 0 = NPT 1/8" f
2 = stainless steel 2 = 350 mbar 1 = compression fitting 6mm

3 = 500 mbar 2 = metering valve
  4 = 700 mbar  
  5 = 2.1 bar  

6 = 4.2 bar  
  7 = 7.0 bar