Bundle Battery Sytem

Bundle Battery Sytem

Bundle Battery System

The bundle battery systems for compressed gases are a modular system and designed for the individual configuration.

The integrated non-return valve insures safety and prevents transfilling.

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Other: Exact details and sizes of components can be found in the following data sheets: “High pressure manifold with non-return valve” “Gas supply station ZD 60 / ZD 150 / ZD 400” “High pressure connections HSR”.

Choice of gas supply station:

  • ZD 60 Station - to Q = 110 Nm³/h [Air]
  • ZD 150 Station - to Q = 180 Nm³/h [Air]
  • ZD 400 Station - to Q = 340 Nm³/h [Air]

Technical description of th the stations on separate data sheets.

Gas types:

  • non-flammable gases
  • flammable gases
  • Oxygen

Cylinder bundles not included.

To order your bundle battery system

The Hornung website provides a 'selection sheet' method for ordering this product which can be found in full here.

Please use the table below and choose one option when applicable.

Requirement Options (if applicable)
Gas type
Inlet pressure (bar)
Outlet pressure (bar)
Required Q-Capacity  
One sided/double sided
  • One
  • Double
Specification of the high pressure connection
  • Plastic hose HSR 
  • Metal corrugated hose HSR
Flow arrow
  • Yes
  • No
Ball valve
  • Yes
  • No
Bundle manifold, sub assy, left side
  • 1-x
  • 2-x
  • 3-x
  • 4-x
  • 5-x
  • 6-x
Bundle manifold, sub assy, right side
  • 1-x
  • 2-x
  • 3-x
  • 4-x
  • 5-x
  • 6-x
  • "Oxygen"
  • "Flammable gases"
  • "Operating instructions"