Precision Pressure Regulator

The precision pressure regulator FHR250 serves the pressure reduction of air and neutral ases down to pressures within the mbar range.

This is reached by a very thin diaphragm made from strengthened synthetic rubber, as well as a Cantilever transmission for the actuation of the valve piston.

The diaphragm housing can be rotated steplessly against the tubing ports. Thus a horizontal adjustment of the diaphragm is possible in all installation positions.

An optional blow-off valve is in the position to regulate excessive pressure on the outlet pressure side

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Body: aluminium
Seat: NBR
Diaphragm: NBR
Max. inlet pressure: 1.4 / 2 / 2.75 / 5.5 / 7 / 10 bar
Outlet pressure ranges: 8 mbar to 345 mbar
Operating temp.: -20°C to +80°C
Connections: in-/outlet: G2".

Where high requirements in accuracy, stable regulation and durable building quality are necessary.

Through different valve seat diameters, as well as various adjusting springs, these pressure control valves can be individually adjusted to the requirements needed e.g. as tank ventilation regulators and burning and heating gas regulation.

To identify the correct order code for your FHR250

Start with the model number, then add the appropriate number options from columns A, B & C in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

FHR250-1-1-S1-Argon specifies a FHR250 model with 6.3mm seat, 8-15 mbar outlet pressure & no blow-off valve, for use with Argon gas.

Seat Size Outlet Pressure Ranges Blow-Off Valve
1 = 6.3mm 1= 8-15 mbar S1 = without
2 = 9.5mm = 14-20 mbar S2 = with
3 = 12.7mm 3 = 20-35 mbar  
4 = 16.0mm 4 = 35-70 mbar  
5 = 19.0mm 5 = 70-140 mbar  
6 = 22.0mm 6 = 100-170 mbar  
7 = 25.0mm 7 = 140-210 mbar  
8 = 32.0mm 8 = 210-345 mbar