Gas Supply Station ZD150 Portable

Gas Supply Station ZD150 Portable

Gas Supply Station

The gas supply station ZD150 is a single sided Oxygen supply unit.

The construction of the basic console with brackets enables the use on different locations e.g. cylinder bundles.

A permanent installation is also possible.

With the supply station ZD150 a maximum pressure of 300 bar can be reduced to a maximum pressure of 10, 16, 20 or 35 bar and held constant.

The supply station consists of a single stage central pressure regulator to DIN EN 961 (ISO 7291) with BAM oxygen certification.

The integrated relief valve protects the valve from excessive outlet pressure.

The installed safety equipment guarantees safe gas supply according to EN 730-1.

A shut-off valve installed at the outlet ensures a complete gas flow stop.

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Seat: EPDM
Diaphragm: stainless steel
Max. inlet pressure: 300 bar
Outlet pressure ranges: max. 280 m3⁄h
Operating temp.: -20°C to +60°C

To identify the correct order code for your ZD150 Portable

Start with the model number, then add the appropriate number options from columns A & B in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

ZD150-2-1-Argon specifies a ZD150 portable model with 300 bar inlet pressure & 1-10 bar outlet pressure, for use with Argon gas


Inlet Pressure Outlet Pressure
1 = 200 bar 1 = 1-10 bar
2 = 300 bar 2 = 1-16 bar
  3 = 1-20 bar
  4 = 1-35 bar