Gas Supply Station ZDA 25 Portable

Gas Supply Station ZDA 25 Portable

Gas Supply Station (Portable)

The gas supply station ZD25 is a single sided Acetylene supply unit.

The construction of the basic console with brackets enables the use on different locations e.g. cylinder bundles.

A permanent installation is also possible. Up to 2 inlet connections can be made to the station.

To protect the high pressure connections in front of the regulator an automatic non-return valve to DIN EN 15615 is installed.

The deployed central regulator ZDA25 is type approved to DIN EN 961 and reduces the max. inlet pressure of 25 bar down to max. 1.5 bar. The large diaphragm area gives good control.

The safety equipment installed after the regulator guarantees a safe gas supply according to EN 730-1.

A shut-off valve installed at the outlet ensures a complete gas flow stop.

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Seat: EPDM
Diaphragm: EPDM
Max. inlet pressure: 25 bar
Operating temp.: -20°C to +60°C
Connections: inlet: M24 x 1.5m (2 connections) outlet: G 3/4 m DIN 8542

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This product does not come with any optional components. Simply order a ZD25, order number 52-0002.