M78 Flow

M78 Flow

Cylinder Pressure Regulator

The cylinder regulator M 59 reduces the pressure of compressed gases as well as liquid gases from max. 300 bar to the corresponding flowmeter pressure.

On the flowmeter the required gas flow in l/min can be adjusted and set. 

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Max. inlet pressure: 300 bar
Outlet pressure ranges: 1-16 l/min. 3-30 l/min.
Connections: inlet: cylinder DIN 477-1 / 477-5. outlet: Gas dependant DIN EN 560 G 1/4 RH, G 3/8 LH
Gas: F, NF, NC
Model: M 78 / FLOW

To identify the correct order code for your M78-Flow

This station can be delivered with one, two or three outlets. The regulator can be supplied in nickel or chrome plated for other gases with metal diaphragm and hand connection.

Start with the model number, then add the appropriate number options from columns A & B in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

M78-1-1-Argon specifies a M78-Flow model in nickel with one outlet, for use with Argon gas.

No. of Outlets Material
1 = one 1 = nickel
2 = two = chrome plated
3 = three