HP280 for Propane

HP280 for Propane

Cylinder station

2x1 cylinder with manual or automatic crossover

The HP 280 is a single stage cylinder station for propane.

The cylinder station serves the secure supply of Propane gas from 2 cylinders and is available for 2 cylinders as standard.

The two cylinder station HP 280, consists of one low pressure regulator, safety shut-off valve, (connected upstream) a safety blow-off valve as well as 2 high pressure hoses with cylinder connections, together with a cylinder holding rail.

With the two cylinder station the gas supply alternates between the two cylinders.

HP 242 is in full accordance with German TRF 1996 resp. BGV D34 §11 subparagraph 4.

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Body: brass
Max. inlet pressure: 20 bar
Flow max: 4 kg/h
Outlet pressure ranges: 50 mbar,
1.5 bar fixed
0.5 - 4 bar adjustable
Operating temp.: -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions (wxhxd): 1 cylinder: 330 x 350 x 2 mm
Connections: Inlet: hose DIN 477-1

Outlet: soldering connection for 12 mm tube

Especially for gases with high requirements on material, tightness and safety.

  • For applications in laboratories
  • For Bunsen burners in laboratories

To identify the correct order code for your HP280

Start with "HP280-", then add the appropriate number options from columns A & B in the table below followed by the gas to be used.

HP280-2-1-1-Propane specifies a HP280 model with 2x1 cylinder automatic (50 mbar) station, 50mbar fixed outlet pressure & no gauges, for use with Propane gas.

Station Outlet pressure Gauges
1 = 2x1 cylinder manual (1,5 or 4 bar) 1 = 50 mbar fixed 1 = no gauge
2 = 2x1 cylinder autom. (50 mbar) 2 = 1.5 bar fixed 2 = standard gauge
  3 = 0.5 - 4 bar adjustable 3 = contact gauge ex